We have been very fortunate in camp with our cat sightings, particularly with our leopards. Leopards are very graceful cats, with extreme power – and we have been lucky enough to see the graceful, the powerful and the lazy!

As the famous saying goes, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Leopard spots are called rosettes, and each cat will have a unique rosette pattern. Thanks to our enthusiastic, and patient learner guides, we have managed to identify seven regular visitors to the concession by identifying specific rosette patterns on each leopard. Of the seven cats, four are most common – can you see why we call this youngster “CUB 21”?

Recently, a young female leopard was spotted dozing up in a wing-pod tree. When our guests asked the question “do you think she is hungry”, and our guide went through his schpeel of “leopards are opportunists…”, the young leopard rudely interrupted his talk by swiping down a guineafowl in mid flight – what an incredible sighting!

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