Gearing up for the new season

Our team has been back at camp since early March, working hard to get the concession ready for the imminent arrival of our first guests over the Easter weekend. For example, we’ve fixed the roads after the rainy season (not that we had as much this year compared to normal), widened the airstrip, and erected a new windsock. What’s more, we’ve upgraded our solar system, refreshed some of our decor and – most excitingly – built a new hide. 

Our new garden hide

Although we don’t think much can beat our photography hide by the pan, we’ve now got something that could come close. Given the diversity of birds that frequent our gardens, and with many predators choosing to drink from our bird baths at night, we decided to build a hide and ‘mini waterhole’ right in camp. 

We can’t wait for you to experience fantastic wildlife encounters from this new garden hide. A big thanks to Rod Huck, our general manager, and Elliot and the Building Big Time team for designing and constructing it. 

Powered by solar

Our whole camp has always run on solar power, with a backup generator to help us on cloudy days. To increase our capacity and reduce our reliance on the generator, we’ve recently installed new panels and upgraded our system. Thanks to Cheyana Solar and Security for another efficient installation.

Solar panels at Kavinga Safari Camp Another view of Kavinga's new solar panels  

A fresh look

Change is as apparently as good as a rest, or so they say. We’ve been very busy giving our bathrooms a refresh, updating the decor in our main lounge and dining area, and making a few other improvements here and there. Hopefully these changes will help you enjoy a well-deserved rest next time you visit.

Kavinga's inside lounge area, refreshed Kavinga's refreshed lounge and dining area Kavinga Safari Camp lounge area looking out to pan

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