Notes from Camp

Nestled at the foothills of the Zambezi Escarpment, Mana Pools, lies Kavinga Safari Camp. With the Zambezi river flowing almost 50km away, the terrain is different to that of the Mana Pools [...]

Eliah Chibhakera

Our kitchen hasn’t been the same since Eliah joined our team in 2018. Never without a warm smile on his face, he puts his heart and soul into every meal – and you can taste it! With many years’ [...]

Dylan Browne

Dylan has a passion for the outdoors that stretches from an interest in the smallest of insects, to the thrill of following a pride of lions on foot across the African sands. After starting his [...]

Arthur Mankuli

Arthur has recently joined us in the kitchen and is a fabulous baker – lovely aromas of soft, freshly baked bread are often wafting through camp when he is on duty in the kitchen!