Liberty Ibasa

Libs was born in the resort town of Kariba, where he grew up surrounded by nature along the lakeshore. His passion for the great outdoors was sparked from primary school through his participation [...]

Poppy at the pan!

Wonderful footage of Poppy the leopard 5m from the gameviewer last night. Guests got to see her walk past just 2m away! She then tried to catch a few Guinea Fowl but was sadly unsuccessful.

Action on the access road

Two lionesses kill an impala I jumped in the game viewer and headed down the access road – I needed to reach Nyakasikana Boom gate by sundown to complete my errands for the day, and I was running [...]

Siesta Disturbances

The guests arrived in a cloud of dust with much excitement. They apologised for being late for lunch, and blamed their delay on some Wild Dog. They had seen some Wild Dog on the road into camp, [...]

Tor Simonsen

Tor grew up in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe where, as a youngster, he found his passion for wildlife and the great outdoors. He has worked in Hwange and has spent most of his guiding [...]

Butterfly 🦋 Migration

We are witnessing a beautiful thing – a butterfly migration! Every year a ‘burst migration’ occurs where the Brown Veined White butterflies (Belenois aurota) migrate in search of food and [...]

New Season Update

The temperature drops, the leaves rustle and the drops begin to fall heavy on the tin roof. After two hot weeks, the rains have returned again. The morning birds are slow to awaken with the heavy [...]