Camp News

All hands on deck

Gearing up for the new season Our team has been back at camp since early March, working hard to get the concession ready for the imminent arrival of our first guests over the Easter weekend. For [...]

Poppy at the pan!

Wonderful footage of Poppy the leopard 5m from the gameviewer last night. Guests got to see her walk past just 2m away! She then tried to catch a few Guinea Fowl but was sadly unsuccessful.

Action on the access road

Two lionesses kill an impala I jumped in the game viewer and headed down the access road – I needed to reach Nyakasikana Boom gate by sundown to complete my errands for the day, and I was running [...]

Siesta Disturbances

The guests arrived in a cloud of dust with much excitement. They apologised for being late for lunch, and blamed their delay on some Wild Dog. They had seen some Wild Dog on the road into camp, [...]

Butterfly 🦋 Migration

We are witnessing a beautiful thing – a butterfly migration! Every year a ‘burst migration’ occurs where the Brown Veined White butterflies (Belenois aurota) migrate in search of food and [...]

New Season Update

The temperature drops, the leaves rustle and the drops begin to fall heavy on the tin roof. After two hot weeks, the rains have returned again. The morning birds are slow to awaken with the heavy [...]

Notes from Camp

Nestled at the foothills of the Zambezi Escarpment, Mana Pools, lies Kavinga Safari Camp. With the Zambezi river flowing almost 50km away, the terrain is different to that of the Mana Pools [...]

Cub & King

This little cub is so very excited to spending time with his Dad. The king of the jungle is incredibly patient with the little one’s shenanigans until he signals that that’s enough!

Bird Photography Competition

The Kavinga Team is delighted to announce that Gerrit Wyma is the winner of our Bird Photography Competition and the lucky recipient of a free 2-night stay for 2 people.  This was judged on the [...]

October is Here!

The August winds have blown us right through September and all of a sudden we’re half way through October. Now the famous Valley heat is starting to set in! The change in the season has resulted [...]

The Cub Returns!

Picking up from where we left off with some good and happy news! The lion cub that got separated from the pride has been found and is back with his mother and siblings. The evening the cub was [...]

Tales of the Unexpected

We have had an eventful 16 hours at Kavinga! On the afternoon game drive, our first sighting was our pair of resident Side Striped Jackal lying in grass opposite camp in the shade. The drive was [...]

Who let the dogs out?

Last week, our game drive went from good to great, when we found our long lost pack of Wild Dog had returned… with 7 pups!  The dogs usually breed from April, so when we had not seen them for [...]

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