The temperature drops, the leaves rustle and the drops begin to fall heavy on the tin roof. After two hot weeks, the rains have returned again. The morning birds are slow to awaken with the heavy dark skies. But, as the sun begins to rise, almost on cue, the rain lifts and the skies clear. The escarpment is wrapped in a soft silky scarf of low clouds. The vibrant green growth returns almost instantly to the bush. Suddenly, the chorus of birdsong is amplified – they have something to say, everyone, at once! The ducks fly over, delighted by the sight of a muddy wet floodplain which has been created overnight.

With the opening of Kavinga for this new season, the end of the wet season excites us – we can cross rivers, open up our roads, find who is who in our big zoo – but there is something so special about being in the bush during the green season – the birds, the flowing rivers, the distant lion calls, the peace… We look forward to showing you all the gems of the Zimbabwean bush!

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