The Camp

Your Room

This exclusive camp consists of 5 comfortable raised tents, built on the edge of the cliff, facing east, with a view of the rising sun above the magnificent Zambezi Valley floor.

Each tent has been designed with an emphasis on privacy and is surrounded by insect repellent gauze, allowing the air to circulate, contributing to maximum coolness. Inside each tent are 2 comfortable beds in flexible arrangements, to cater for everyone’s needs, as well as an ensuite bathroom.

In front, your private verandah directly over the edge of the cliff, giving a feeling of infinite space.

Bedroom with 'infinity' view over the Ruckomechi River
view from the bedroom
ensuite bathroom

The Hide

waterhole and hide below the camp
steps down to the hide
elephant by the waterhole

Get right among the wildlife in this termite mound shaped hide. Creatively designed to keep you cool and give you an astonishing 180 degree view of the water hole from elephant-foot level.

During the day see herds of game and beautiful and rare birds from the amazing vantage point.

After the sun sets, you may watch the predators approach, and catch a glimpse of those elusive nocturnal animals such as porcupine, leopards, honey badgers or even an aardvark!

The Lounge & Dining Area

The central dining and lounge area has two decks, providing a magnificent vista across the dry riverbed and to the waterhole below.

Cozy up on the sofa with a book and your binos, or linger over a cool gin and tonic at the sun set plays with the colours of the valley floor.

There is a firepit to relax by at night, gazing at the stars and looking out for nocturnal visitors.

Enjoy your delicious dinner with a glass of wine to the sounds of lions calling and hyena whooping.

lounge area
cake with waterhole behind
view from the deck
dining area
camp from the river bed

Kavinga Safari Camp is located in a private concession area, near the southern boundary of Mana Pools National Park, approximately 1 kilometre upstream of the confluence of the Ruckomechi and Chiwuye Rivers. The camp is situated on a cliff overlooking the dry Ruckomechi riverbed and is set against the extraordinary backdrop of the Zambezi Escarpment.

Approximately 9km from the camp is the renowned Chitake Spring, which has a legendary reputation for superb game viewing and predators. The herds of buffalo, which drink at the spring through the dryer months, are frequent visitors to the area, as they traverse the valley in search of grazing. Most evenings, herds of elephant gather in the riverbed, providing a wonderful wildlife spectacle. Shyer species, like leopard, visit the pan right below the camp under the cover of darkness.

Our professional guides have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the movements of the various species in the area. This has enabled them to pinpoint specific vantage points, which together with a carefully disguised hide allow memorable photographic opportunities, so that guests can capture those sought-after once-in-a- lifetime shots.

If it’s adventure you seek, be it walking, tracking, exploring the hills and river systems, studying the birds or just relaxing in camp taking in the view, Kavinga Safari Camp will offer you that “Unique Experience in an Untouched Wilderness”.

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