Siesta Disturbances

The guests arrived in a cloud of dust with much excitement. They apologised for being late for lunch, and blamed their delay on some Wild Dog. They had seen some Wild Dog on the road into camp, [...]

Butterfly 🦋 Migration

We are witnessing a beautiful thing – a butterfly migration! Every year a ‘burst migration’ occurs where the Brown Veined White butterflies (Belenois aurota) migrate in search of food and [...]

New Season Update

The temperature drops, the leaves rustle and the drops begin to fall heavy on the tin roof. After two hot weeks, the rains have returned again. The morning birds are slow to awaken with the heavy [...]

Notes from Camp

Nestled at the foothills of the Zambezi Escarpment, Mana Pools, lies Kavinga Safari Camp. With the Zambezi river flowing almost 50km away, the terrain is different to that of the Mana Pools [...]

Cub & King

This little cub is so very excited to spending time with his Dad. The king of the jungle is incredibly patient with the little one’s shenanigans until he signals that that’s enough!

Bird Photography Competition

The Kavinga Team is delighted to announce that Gerrit Wyma is the winner of our Bird Photography Competition and the lucky recipient of a free 2-night stay for 2 people.  This was judged on the [...]