Liberty Ibasa

Libs was born in the resort town of Kariba, where he grew up surrounded by nature along the lakeshore. His passion for the great outdoors was sparked from primary school through his participation [...]

Tor Simonsen

Tor grew up in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe where, as a youngster, he found his passion for wildlife and the great outdoors. He has worked in Hwange and has spent most of his guiding [...]

Elia Chibhakera

Elia always has a great big smile of his face and he has many years of experience of working in farm and bush kitchens.  He is very proficient in our kitchen and enjoys baking the most amazing [...]

Dylan Browne

Dylan has a passion for the outdoors which stretches from the smallest of insects to the deep cracks of an elephant’s footprint, to the thrill of following a pride of lion on foot through the [...]

Arthur Mankuli

Arthur has recently joined us in the kitchen and is a fabulous baker – lovely aromas of soft, freshly baked bread are often wafting through camp when he is on duty in the kitchen!

Patrick Damba

Patrick is our chef with years of wild experience. He started his career in the kitchen in a popular A La Carte restaurant in Harare but left after 8 years to start his adventure in the wild. He [...]