With the cooler weather coming in two weeks ago, our lions went AWOL. We weren’t sure what had happened – we knew our pride had been involved in a scrap on the airstrip with some lions from Chitake, and we weren’t sure if perhaps our lions had come off second best.

Then one night, the familiar sound of our big male lion filled the evening sky. He was back in town and he had something to tell us! He walked around the concession all night, marking his territory and calling as he did so. The next morning, the guides found our pride sitting near our wells. But something was different – the lions were very skittish. Unusually they quickly dashed into the thickets as we approached them and, as they ran across the sand, we saw him – the latest addition to our pride – a tiny lion cub!

We have been anxiously waiting for lion cubs for about 8 weeks now (especially our learner guide Dylan Browne!), and it is such a joy to finally confirm this news! We hope he stays safe until you are able to come and visit!


Lioness and her cub by Theresa Zee
Lioness and her cub by Dylan Browne
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  • Russ Tippett

    Theresa, Great shot of mom and her cub! Looking forward to the chance to take a few of our own in July.

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